Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Cucumber and Tomato Salad with Fresh Dill

1 cucumber
300 g small vine tomatoes
150 ml soured cream
1 heaped tsp German mustard
1 bunch fresh Dill
juice of 1/2 lemon
2 tsp extra virgin olive oil
sea salt
freshly ground black pepper

Optionally peel the cucumber. Cut in half and cut the halves again lengthways. Using a teaspoon scoop out the seeds. Cut into 5 mm thick slices and place into a bowl. Quarter the tomatoes and add to the bowl.

Make the dressing and finely chop the dill. Combine and dress the salad. If possible leave to marinate at room temperature for 15 - 30 minutes.

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  1. Wieder mal was feines mit Dill? Fühle mich verwöhnt! Ich hoffe langsam keimen sie im Garten und die Vögel mögen die Samen nicht so gut. LG, éva